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We will perform your task in a cooperative, professional and personal way. Our company is characterized by team spirit, service and universalism which is based on our creativity. If you have any problems – don’t worry!

We are able to develop professional ideas under time pressure, take new paths and work out customized solutions in cooperation with you.

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Our company’s key operating area consists in packaging of products. By searching for a naming of our emerging company we were confronted with the Latin translation of “packaging” – we chose this term to name our company: convaso. At the beginning manufacturing started in Balve / Westfalen on a surface of 3.000 m². Later on manufacturing was dislocated to Arnsberg / Neheim.

After several building measures our company nowadays consists of a surface of 5.300 m² used for production and storage. Our company is connected to the motorway A 46 which offers our customers and suppliers an excellent link to every direction. As manufacturers of consumer products require a second mission in the market which often is reached by promotional events or display layout, we specialised in the field of display fulfillment as well as all activities related to this field.

We guarantee a reliable performance of customers’ desires concerning packaging. Additionally we gladly assume the handling of returns relating to wrong delivery, breakage or seasonal returns. We check the goods’ condition and recondition it for resale.

Due to the amplification of our production area the required space for the reconditioning of returns is assured. Due to production possibilities according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) we are able to offer considerable advantages for our clients in the fields of food and non-food industry as well as for manufacturers of pharmaceutical and chemical products. It is important for us to develop and implement solutions which are tailored to the particular needs of your company.

Our team is motivated, reliable and professional – Try us and convince yourself of our services!


Consumer packaging and shipping


Compilation of various Corona tests in various packaging units for:

  • Test centers
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Doctors
  • charitable institutions
  • etc.

Our strength:
Prompt packaging of hundreds of thousands of packaging units and very rapid dispatch to the beneficiaries and customers.

Skin and blister packaging

  • remarkable
  • attractive
  • sales-promotional
  • optimum protection against theft, damage, contamination

We assume:
The development and production of optimum blister packaging in various forms (standing blister, folding blister or hanging blister) up to the delivery to your end customer, as display or regular goods.

Cellophane, Shrinking and Flow pack packaging

  • high-quality, goal-oriented packaging
  • optimum presentation by means of brilliant transparency
  • added value by means of excellent visual appearance as well as exceptional protection against theft, transport and damage
  • optimum, sales-promotional instrument for bonus packaging used in promotional events

Strapping and Sleeve packaging

  • optimum transport packaging or collection packaging
  • protection against dust and environmental influences
  • a clean solution for keeping together damageable goods or product sets
  • if required you can get an individual inscription including your company’s logo
  • fast disconnection due to perforation lines or pulling filaments
  • memorable advertisement
  • excellent possibility of ready sale “on-packing” of sample packets

Labelling and marking

  • The label makes all the difference to the brand
  • The label has announcement effect
  • The label causes buying incentives

We label and mark:

  • single items
  • cardboard, packaging etc.
  • inside & outside
  • on the face side
  • lengthwise
  • all-side
  • cylindrical

Due to effective cooperation with our reliable and flexible supplier of labels we offer the possibility to produce individual labels and logos in a high-quality performance.

Display fulfillment and manufacturing


We produce and equip:

  • every type
  • in every quantity needed
  • bar or base displays
  • Chep ¼ or ½ Display


  • Remanufacturing
  • Return to the “regular” sale

Consumer packaging


Compilation of packaging units for:

  • promotional events
  • introductions
  • sales events
  • or as a reaction to measures of a competing company

We perform your individual demand rapidly and cost-saving.

Returns management


operational handling:

  • control of incoming goods
  • separation of external goods
  • arranging by best before-dates and separately for each batch as well as re-stickering
  • cleaning and reconditioning
  • return of the finished goods

administrative handling:

  • compilation of customer data and orders
  • communicating the data to the ordered carrier
  • controlling the return receipts
  • supervising in a time-critical way
  • accounting

Complete handling and regulation of returns coming from Germany and Austria!


Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Ostermann

managing director

+49 (0) 29 32 - 93 18 41 8

Michael Voss

production management

+49 (0) 29 32 - 93 15 97 4

Beate Gorczyk

quality assurance

+49 (0) 29 32 - 93 15 97 5

Marcio–Filipe Barbosa Pereira

order picking and shipping

+ 49 (0) 29 32 - 93 18 41 8

Philipp Still

trainee for office management

+ 49 (0) 29 32 - 93 18 41 8

Juliane Bulat

trainee for office management

+ 49 (0) 29 32 - 93 18 41 8

Mohammad Imad

trainee as a specialist in warehouse logistics

+ 49 (0) 29 32 - 93 18 41 8

Vasanth Lingaraci

trainee in warehouse logistics

+ 49 (0) 29 32 - 93 18 41 8

Gofran Hamad

Intern to obtain the technical college entrance qualification at the vocational school

+ 49 (0) 29 32 - 93 18 41 8


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